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friday, july 18, 2008

Child of the 80's

As cliche as it sounds when one gives credit to there mother, they typically state that they are the number one.  You can't  knock them for their testament so I'd like to take the time out to do the same.  As the saying goes, we should "give our loved ones their roses  while they are still here to smell them."  I'm the youngest child, the only son of my mothers children and the only one born on American soil.  She left Trinidad & Tobago in the early 1970's and met with my dad while she living in NYC. 

I can not forget the infinite sacrifices she made as a single parent to make my life as privileged as possible.  Often working three jobs in efforts of establishing a sometimes unrealistic upper middle class life style.  Mom secured for me an above average home and education as well as to supplying me with those expensive name  brand kicks.  Like many other single mothers in the 1980's, feeding their children had come to include material appetites also. 

"How does this relate to a fashion blog,"  you ask!   These childhood experiences  sparked my quest and infatuation for the coolest sportswear items, which became to the foundation of my desire to pursue a career in fashion design.  I've got to give props where props are due...THANKS MOM!!!  Living the lifestyle...

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tuesday, july 15, 2008

8 Diagrams


It Can & Will Be Expensive 

I remember getting the news that a local lender, had agreed to give the business a loan for supplies and equipment. That initial loan/investment did help me purchase needed equipment and supplies to help the company progress to the next level.  Since then I received other loans which aided RL Snaggs through various stages of growth, and thanks to the sublime bookkeeping of my management team, I have repaid all my debts.  Because of this, I am in the position to receive more to accommodate the next stage of RL Snaggs. Reading Donald Trump’s "The Art of the Come Back", that even he has attributed his bouncing back from the rough years to the investments of friends and the to this day he seeks investments to further assist his empire.  As time goes on companies seek investments/loans to accommodate the different levels of growth they go through.  Starting building your relationships now!

Point #2

You Must Eat It, Breathe It and Live It.

The more mature in your company, the more serious you take it.  That means; speaking to people you might not want to, when you don’t want to.  There is little time, if any, for extra curricular activities.  Road trips are justified means for traveling and seeing new places.  Spending time with that significant other may mean finding the benefits in bringing along them during errands. 

Point #3

It May Take Some Years.

RL Snaggs started in July of 2001, and I’m still striving for that next level seven years later.   Along the way there's been constant elevation, in designs, products selection, quality, web presence, packaging, and marketing.  Yet there is always room for improvement.  The companies that made and continue to make an impact, undergo a similar process.

Point #4

10% Design, 90% Business.

The hard fact that once in business the artist must convert to businessman, I’ve gradually internalized this. In light of this dynamic, I’ve met people that are either master at business or of the arts. Very rarely I’ve met someone equally thorough in both.  I’ve realized that being successful in business is an art of its own. I see that business is the foundation and tool to manifest my ideas on another level.

Point #5

Discipline and a Strong Will are Required.

Transforming from artist to businessman I attribute to embracing a militant like discipline.  It was typical in fashion school for me sleep until noon and attend and afternoon class. I would still be late.  I had the “I’m not a morning person attitude” over time, I came to grips with getting up before the sun 6 days a week.  I often get by on a couple hours of sleep, sometimes none, instead of 16 hours.  There are no professors to bail you out when deliveries and bills are late when running a business.  At the end of the day accountability does not illude anyone...for long. 

Point #6

You Will Need to be Assertive.

I’m learning over and over to not take things for granted.  The world often does not have the patience and my best interest at heart, like the few people I’ve been blessed to have in my corner.  Being the youngest child and coming from a sheltered life, it’s a challenge for me to be assertive.  Not becoming emotional when others appear to be uninterested and to have a thick skin for critics.  Overcoming this disposition is the basis of survival.  Earning respect in any relationship determines how balanced a playing field you stand on.

Point #7

Do for Self and Rely on Self.

"It would be awesome to link up with someone on a personal level that had strengths to compliment me in business.  How cool would it be to meet someone who was going though the same unique situations as myself?"  Over time,  I've had to accept the reality that at in order to build a successful company, it may get lonely.

Point #8

Ethics are the Important to Your Success

Just another fact of life that taught me; to tighten up my game and tie up as many loop holes as possible.  Handle and approach each occasion as if a contractual agreement were being made.

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